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Effective from 01 January 2022

Privacy Policy

Perito Professional Performance respects your privacy. This policy outlines how we use the data you provide to us through Perito Professional Performance. We only collect information from you through the Assessment-questionnaire with your permission, and in accordance with this policy. You don't have to answer optional questions that you do not wish to answer.

Summary of Privacy Policy

When you complete Perito Professional Performance, the information you provide is sent securely over the internet to our servers in the Netherlands. We use this information to create personal and group reports. These reports are shared during a workshop or personal interpretation session. The coach / trainer is not allowed share your report(s) with anyone else without your permission.

None of your data is sold to anyone.

Who We Are

Perito Professional Performance is a business tool used and licensed to others by Esperto bv, a registered company in the Netherlands based at Creutzberglaan 7B, 1943 NP, Beverwijk. Esperto bv is the “data controller” for all of the information you enter into the Perito Professional Performance. The information you enter will be stored on our servers in the Netherlands.

What information we will collect from you

Personal Details

Once you consent to this policy, Perito Professional Performance may ask you for the following details:


After you provide your details, you score a series of statements from ‘rarely / never’ to ‘always / almost always’. Perito Professional Performance uses these answers (which we call your scores) to generate your Personal Report and Group Report.

IP Address

Our servers will record the IP address of the computer you use to complete Perito Professional Performance. This information is only used to troubleshoot technical issues that might occur.

How we use the information you provide

Perito Professional Performance will use the details you provide, together with your scores for the following purposes:

Use of your data after your workshop

After you have attended your workshop or interpretation session, Perito Professional Performance will keep your data on its secure servers, unless you request that we delete it. We use this data for the following purposes:

Who has access to your data

To receive Perito Professional Performance Personal Report or Group Report, you must attend a workshop, personalised interpretation session, or coaching session facilitated by an accredited Perito Professional Performance practitioner. We will share your Personal Report and scores with the Practitioner before they deliver it to you. All 5 States of Team Success accredited practitioners are employees or consultants of either:

We will never sell your personal information to anyone for any purposes, and we will not use your Personal Report, Group Report, details or scores for marketing purposes.

Where your data is stored and how we keep it secure

All data collected through Perito Professional Performance is transmitted securely over the internet using HTTPS encryption protocols or better. The data is stored in Perito Professional Performance database, on secure servers in the Netherlands.

Perito Professional Performance has implemented security policies, rules and technical measures that match or exceed industry-standard protocols to protect your data. These security measures are designed to prevent unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification, unlawful destruction and accidental loss.

Countries your data could be transferred to

Perito Professional Performance provides products and services to customers around the world. However, we will store your scores and Personal Report and Group Reports in our data centre in the Netherlands. We will only transfer your data outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”) in the following situations:

Perito Professional Performance observes the same high standards of data protection everywhere.

Updating of the privacy policy

If any changes are made to this privacy policy, all current clients of Esperto bv will be notified.

How long we retain your data

Perito Professional Performance will only keep data for as long as necessary to meet these purposes. At your request, we will delete your personal data from our records. Requests for deletion of your personal data should be sent to our Data Protection Officer by email ( or at the postal address at the end of this policy.

How to contact us about your personal data

For any queries relating to this policy, please contact:

Data Protection

Esperto bv

Creutzberglaan 7B

1943 NP, Beverwijk

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 85 06 02 543


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